Geom. Carmelo

About us

EDIL SAMA' since 1996 works in Florence in the context of restructuring of civilian and industrial buildings, urban projects and external arragements.

The surveyor Carmelo Samà makes available all his knowledge in field of construction.

Visits and free estimates are carried out.

Our aim is to make the customers' interest advising the best technique and actions for the implementation or renovation of a work.

We support our client in all the steps of the process, especially to choose the cheapest solution for the customer according to the work to do.

We are available also for intervention in little works.

Services for our customers

  • Buildings, restructuring and maintaining of civil, industrial buildings

  • Paint jobs, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire-fighting, sealing, and installation of fabricated metal, wood, plastic, stone and glassy materials.

  • Works with agricultural and industrial machines for earth moving, destruction and earthworks.

  • Paving with special materials, work with reinforced concrete 

  • Plumbing, water supply, drainage systems and irrigation systems 

  • Works of agricultural and forestry systems and of public green
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​EDIL SAMA'   Geom. Carmelo

Via A. Canova 13  -  50142  Florence

Fiscal code  SMACML66A12E239N

VAT registration  0664620048

Phone 055/7876051 - 336/341172

E-MAIL  edilsama2016@libero.it

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